Media & Advertising

An Overview

SIZ@F NET WITH TECH provides extremely low latency on the fast Internet. Ideal for media providers, television studios, streamers and live shows. Our secure data processing tools, safe storage and fast data transmission services are available for you to use. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the benefits of high bandwidth and low-latency networks. By using pay-per-use models, lowering the barrier to entry, decreasing Capex, and improving production and business strategy, SIZ@F NET WITH TECH offers edge to media and advertising organizations.

SIZ@F significantly improves and accelerates content, reliability, quality and enhances production, content distribution, media and gaming platforms on all devices or OTTs. The most popular in the media and advertising sector were SIZ@F Video’s favorite products and immersive technologies such as VR, AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality).

We are ready

Sizaf Infocomm

SIZ@F NET WITH TECH is ready for media and advertising solutions, including fast-pace Internet ady forand security platforms, content production and distribution technology tools, VR/AR/MR, digital advertising and global advertisers for DSP and SSP. Technology is ready. SIZ@F NET WITH TECH is ready for use in the media and advertising now.

SIZ@F will serve the needs.

SIZ@F NET WITH TECH Software Tools has made it easy for organizations in technology, media and ads to help create, send, connect and monetise
And focus on the creation of content which is delivered to wider audiences in their regions and personalized artistic assistance.

A lifelong journey with SIZ@F.

SIZ@F’S NET WITH TECH technology solutions offer useful and exciting benefits to the advertisement and marketing industry, turn and extend their scope, increase revenue recognition, and create new sources of advertising and content.

Siz@f Net with Tech

Technology Services Designed with your Business in Mind.

Siz@f Web media services allow to receive best of media content produced & published across all mediums bringing better brand visibility & more profitable business.​


With Siz@f Tech Infra services you can feel the freedom of Zero capex to launch business, we work as inhouse team in managing systems, machines & overall security.


Siza@f Network services provide you an unbounded connectivity, unlimited speed, secure lines and latest wired or wireless services anywhere in the world.​

Managed IT Services

The Siz@f Managed IT Services are ready for you to deploy solutions such as cloud, software, mobile technology and managed services in your business.​