Managed IT Services

The Siz@f Managed IT service solutions offer the enterprise a powerful solution to improve our comprehensive IT expertise.
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Siz@f Net with Tech.

Through creating online and smartphone apps, portals and web resources, Siz@f managed IT services will  empower customers to maximize their profits & ease to operate. We are a qualified and approved team that delivers custom technology focused on best practices and operates across platforms and networks. We develop cutting-edge IT systems that will help your company expand. For existing end-to-end IT items that fulfill the specifications, the remote IT department builds & adds immense value.

Managed IT Services

IT Software Services.
  • IOT & Smart Condo & City Solutions.
  • Website development with Creative designs.
  • School or any Asset Mgmt. / ERP Solutions
  • Customized application Solution Desktop, Enterprise & Cloud.
iOS / Android application development.
  • iOS / Android application development.
  • Custom BI and AI tools development & integration.
  • Antivirus & Patch Management across any size network.
Managed Services.
  • Unlimited Onsite & Remote Support.
  • Substantial cost Saving managed services.
  • Specialized Support· 24/7/365 Service Desk (Human Support).
  • FMS (facility management services).

Impressed with services by SIZ@F Net with Tech.

Please give us opportunity to offer you a service experience that will ensure will meet your requirements and budget.

SIZ@F Tech Services concentrate on issues that require urgent attention. We use follow industry best practises, create priorities with customers and create, evaluate, analyse, and optimise on potential solutions. We continue to work jointly with our customers to enhance the implemented solutions and deliver improved the results over longer period of time.