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The Siz@f network services provider enables to maintain secure connections, tracking, monitoring and control of network for all the customers.
Internet Services Provider

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 In a new world, businesses run their cloud-enabled companies across global networks. Allow Siz@f network services to provide you with our on-demand network services to maximize customer satisfaction and revenues. Reduce OPEX and improve competitiveness by helping companies optimize application performance and understand multiple service problems. Our service portfolio offers new connections that are enabled, modify  capacity and upgrade on demand. For effective cloud deployment, the network used in these cloud-based applications is important, hence we are happy to partner in these services for you.

Network Services

  • SDWAN- S/w defined, Wide Area Network.
Intercontinental Network.
  • IPLC.
  • IP Transit at DC.
Wireless Solutions.
  • Indoor WLAN Solution.
  • Outdoor Wireless LAN.
  • Long Distance Point to Point Wireless.
  • Short Distance Point to Point & Point to Multi Point Wireless Network.


Siz@f SD-Wan solution is a very managed, flexible and easy to operate solution. Using this the software defined Wan network we will deliver a complete network access across software networks. Software defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) offers high-performance protected data channels that connect diverse internet access providers - such as DSL, cable, mobile phones, etc.

Siz@f SD-Wan will address a major business problem of safe Internet connectivity. Without a reliable connectivity, companies can encounter disruptions because of link failures, network congestion, or WAN blackouts. That can be costly disruptions. It is a WAN-based computing platform for the more powerful transmission of all networks between the offices and data centres, the remote offices and branches and the cloud.

Siz@f Etherconnect (Metro-E) service is a domestic leased line service. Its powered by high frequency network link and ultraspace access which assures using the new Ethernet technology of Dense Wave (EoDWDM) technology.

Siz@f Etherconnect service provides superior & high-end efficiency with safe networks enabling its customers to build and run a wide-ranging commercial network, along with much of the legacy network equipment with multiple bandwidth solutions. New EoDWDM technology enhances allocation and automatic distribution by using latest equipments, providing stability and capability across the entire network.

Siz@f Globeconnect service is designed for firms that are becoming more global, they are in stronger need for prompt and efficient contact with their international offices. International communication must be extremely secure, precise, and fruitful. We have strong global teams serving in all major cities of the world. We work 24x7 all 365 days of year to deliver on SLA's and make your life & business simpler.

Siz@f Globeconnect connecting two fixed line stations worldwide with an IPLC which provides the best bandwidth guaranteed and trusted & dedicated communications. Corporate IT networks that can effectively and accurately share information non stop & securely, have long been a critical component of corporate planning and processes.

Siz@f Routeconnect service is among the best in the market. Its connected with the world's most wired networks with high capacity and efficiency of bandwidth at a low cost. We urge you to review our services, and experience our quick deliveries. Many Tier 1 networks are connected & accessed by our global coverage network. A global IPv6-enabled Optical partner coverage network is our biggest strength supported by a vast partner coverage across the globe. These jointly serve as a reliable backbone of our IP transit business.

We will speed up the fulfilment of your orders & operations by simplifying our quick onboarding procedures and provide smooth safe service deliveries that will build your trust in our abilities.You will approve Siz@f's teams on all major parameters, including consistent delivery, technical assistance, and efficiency, thanks to our extensive service venues and excellent connectivity to critical international access and knowledge networks.

In reality, today all companies rely heavily on Data Centres. Hence Siz@f DCconnect service allows companies to have a trusted partner that will provide them all the support for them to operate and grow big. Our DC services provide a highly reliable and effective data backup method that guarantees simultaneous access to all important information. We provide organisations efficient ways in which key information can be saved, shared and protected. With trusted data centre services companies are able to grow and run business smoothly in more than many ways.

At Siz@f DCconnect we provide secure and safe DC services no matter wherever you are. Thanks to our broad partner coverage, experience, customer-oriented model and the help of network partners around the globe. We give consumers of all sizes a high level of service options in the best cost model. Our coverage data centres provide our customers with shared or exclusive space, which most certainly prove our role as a reliable technology partner.

Siz@f IPConnect service offers internet capacity with maximum scalability and cost-effectiveness. We provide 24x7 support and upgrades to the customers at any point in-time. At Siz@f, you not only get internet access above reasonable standards but also a service provider that provides full solutions to all of your company requirements.

We designed Siz@f IPconnect service as we understand that connectivity is becoming more and more common, and the Internet must improve business success and not prevent it. More rapid encounters can affect and discriminate between preferences of consumers.

Siz@f IPconnect provides its customers safe routing to the world's destination to further improve on demand basis. Customers are empowered with regular reporting. All transactions are delivered in safe, accurate, and real-time manner at any location.

Businesses aim for inexpensive and secure Internet connections instead of conventional cable to run efficiently. Siz@f BBconnect service is a special value proposition curated for all types of organizations. It offers business-grade connections at decent prices in comparison to a leased Internet service.

With the aim of delivering a much more effective, trustworthy and flexible Internet connection, we provide our Siz@f BBconnect service to increase business productivity and increase the competitiveness of our clients. Enjoy the network at extremely fast speeds with our connections. In all the major cities of the world, our cost effective multi-gbps speeds makes Siz@f BBconnect
a perfect way to connect to the Internet at your office.

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SIZ@F Tech Services concentrate on issues that require urgent attention. We use follow industry best practises, create priorities with customers and create, evaluate, analyse, and optimise on potential solutions. We continue to work jointly with our customers to enhance the implemented solutions and deliver improved the results over longer period of time.